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The vssDocLinks project.

This extension was written for Firefox. I am looking for information (or assistance) on adding Mozilla support. While searching for information on Mozilla Sidebars, I found this Similar project for Mozilla. No estimate yet on when Mozilla Support will be added.

Opera is a great browser. Firefox has great ability. Firefox's openness and easy customizability is taken to a great extreme. If every(web browsing) feature Opera has were made available in Firefox, there would be no question about which is better- they'd have all the same features, and one of the two would be obscenely simple to add even more on to (and already has many features which Opera does not). This is the first attempt I am making to bring some of Opera's features to Firefox. Specifically, the "Links" panel and "Fast Forward" button.

This is an attempt to add the "Links" panel, as seen in Opera, to Firefox. Why would anyone want to add such an utterly meaningless and ridiculously useless panel to an otherwise perfectly good browser? It's because the document's actual links are where Opera's "Fast Forward" button gets its data from, and I personally find that button very useful for navigating poorly-designed websites.

Several extensions already seem to mimic the "Fast Forward" button by taking wild guesses at the next page or image in a sequence (either by incrementing the last number in a URL, or looking for links with the word "Next" in them), but I prefer this method. The advantages to using a thumbnail gallery's actual links should be obvious enough, but mostly it is because incrementing the last number in a URL is very prone to failure, especially when dealing with images organized by chapter or date (did you know ch02_027.jpg is followed by ch03_001.jpg?).

vssDocLinks is currently in its initial release. It is not intended to actually be good at doing anything right now, but it is good enough that I find it useful. This is also my first extension, though I hope to make more, and bring other missing features over from Opera. As the initial release of my first extension, it is really only meant as a proof-of-concept. I wanted to see if I could create something similar, and it was able to be done very easily. Try it out, see how you like it. Any suggestions or feature requests, please send to me:, or the mailing list:

Of course, it's entirely possible that this idea has been had and implimented by someone else with more skill than I already. Please tell me if it has been. As far as I am aware, other similar extensions work only through guessing the next URL.

A small list of things which come to mind- a few of which I tried already and decided it wasnt worth getting in to at the moment:

-- Vincent Skizotoro Starre

The vssdoclinks project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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